The more integrated Facebook becomes, the less willing we'll be to recreate that same web of social connections we've reinvented time and again.



While many of us may complain about Facebook's on-site chat breaking down, being slow or crashing our browsers, the fact remains that Edit

Facebook is where we've based our online social life.Edit

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Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login By Mike Melanson / February 10, 2010 8:25 AM /

The partnership reinforces the idea that our Facebook profile is at the center of our online existence.

Zuckerberg largely stuck to the same script throughout the interview, repeating the same phrases multiple times and falling back on platitudes — often to comical effect. Switching gears, Lacy began telling stories about Zuckerberg (more than a few of which alluded to her book, which will be published later this year) in an attempt to get him to loosen up.

"You’re supposed to ask questions," he said. The audience erupted in a sustained cheer as Lacy tried in vain to quiet the mob.

After the interview, Lacy vented her frustration on her own post to Twitter.

"Seriously screw all you guys. I did my best to ask a range of things," she said.

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like when Zuckerberg addressed the issue of Beacon, Facebook’s advertising platform that launched to much controversy when media outlets decried it as an invasion of privacy. "We probably got a little ahead of ourselves," Zuckerberg admitted. Thiel is openly gay and hosted the gay conservative group GOProud's "Homocon" event, in his New York City home. ==And does Facebook really connect people? Doesn't it rather disconnect us, since instead of doing something enjoyable such as talking and eating and dancing and drinking with my friends, I am merely sending them little ungrammatical notes and amusing photos in cyberspace, while chained to my desk?==

A friend of mine recently told me that he had spent a Saturday night at home alone on Facebook, drinking at his desk.Edit

What a gloomy image.Edit

Far from connecting us,Edit

Facebook actually isolates us at our workstations.Edit


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